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C++ Question

Accessing shared ptr from shared ptr of array

I have function which is copying some value to objects i'll pass.

So, Something like this

void functionReturnObjects(int* ptr);

I'll call above function like this

std::shared_ptr<int> sp( new int[10], std::default_delete<int[]>() );
functionReturnObjects(sp.get()); => so this will copy int objects to sp.

Now, I want to take individual shared ptr from the above 10 and want to make separate copy or want to shared it with some other shared ptr.

So something like

std::shared_ptr<int> newCopy = sp[1] ==> This is not working I am just showing what I want.

Basically I want to transfer ownership from 10 shared pointer to new individual shared ptr without allocating new memory.

Please let me know if the questions is not clear.

Answer Source

Use std::shared_ptr's aliasing constructor (overload #8):

template< class Y > 
shared_ptr( const shared_ptr<Y>& r, element_type *ptr );
std::shared_ptr<int> newCopy(sp, sp.get() + 1);

This will make newCopy and sp share ownership of the entire array created with new int[10], but newCopy.get() will point to the second element of said array.

In C++17 this can instead look like the following if you happen to find it more readable:

std::shared_ptr<int> newCopy(sp, &sp[1]);
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