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Invoking subshells from script does not work if run in background

I have a script running in background, like:

su - insite1 -c "" &

Now this script, has contents:

while [ 1 ]
echo "Hello World from invokeTest" >> /tmp/invokeTest
( exec "/tmp/" )

Although it prints, "Hello World from invokeTest" it does not call

My question:
Is there any way to call in infinite while loop directly from
su - insite1 -c" "
so that we can totally skip
itself (but needs to run in background"?

If no, how to make sure is called from


To answer your question about running the command without a script, you can put any shell commands into the -c argument, including a while loop. So you can write:

su - insite1 -c 'while :; do echo "Hello World" >> /tmp/invokeTest; /tmp/; done' &