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check current time is greater than defined time rails 4

I would like to check it my current time is greater than a defined time.

My start time could be anytime from day:


Time.now.strftime("%I:%M %p")
"11:17 AM"

I need to see if this time is greater than
"04:00 PM"
of same day

Means if any point my
current time
is greater than same day of
04:00 PM

I have tried:

<%= distance_of_time_in_words(Time.now.strftime("%I:%M %p"), "04:00:00 PM") %>

but its not working as expected.

any possible way to get this?

Plus please could anyone tell best practices as well to calculate the difference?


You can use beginning_of_day and then manoeuvre to the target time by adding hours.

If Time.now > Time.now.beginning_of_day + 16.hours

The fact that Time.now includes a date component doesn't matter, since it's the same date on both sides of the comparison.