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Equivalent of UISegmentedControl selectedSegmentIndex in UISwtich- Objective C

I'm trying to convert a UISegmentedControl to a UISwitch. I was successful on checking the state of the switch.

And then I saw this line of code:

self.mobile3GSegment.selectedSegmentIndex = [mConfigurationService getBoolWithKey:NETWORK_USE_3G];

I tried to guess on how UISwitch do it. So...

self.mobile3GSwitch.state = [mConfigurationService getBoolWithKey:NETWORK_USE_3G];

and then I get this error:

Property 'selectedSegmentIndex' not found on object of type UISwitch

I know that UISwitch is not a segment and returns YES or NO. The error is not the focus here. What I'm trying to understand is how can I convert the segment line of code to make it work for UISwitch.

I'm pretty much lost right now. What is the proper way to do this?

Answer Source

You have to use a simple function setOn (Assuming your method for returning bool is correct).

[_mobile3GSwitch setOn:[mConfigurationService getBoolWithKey:NETWORK_USE_3G] animated:NO]; 
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