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Swift Question

Objective C to Swift header file with multiple targets

I'm successfully calling my Swift classes from Objective C (for target 'MyApp') via the import statement:

#import "MyApp-Swift.h"

I've now created a new target called "MyAppLite"

When I compile the new target, I get errors because "MyApp-Swift.h" is required by the code, but the compiler is creating "MyAppLite-Swift.h"

So, I need to create a conditional Swift/ObjC header
for the target I'm compiling against.

How can this be done, or is there a better way?

Answer Source

It is also possible to set the Product Module Name setting in Build Settings to be the same across your modules (I set it to $(PROJECT_NAME)), so that the <project>-Swift.h file that is generated has the same name across all modules. This eliminates the need for adding/checking preprocessor macros.

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