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Android Question

Android Naming a SKU

For my testing I used:

private static final String SKU_PRO = "android.test.purchased";

Now I want to release my app and create the purchasable item in the developer console. Before releasing the apk I have to know how to name the SKU.
In a tutorial I read they used this:


But my packagename looks like this:


My suggestion is:


Is this the correct way?

Answer Source

From developer docs:

Product ID

Product IDs are unique across an app's namespace. A product ID must start with a lowercase letter or a number and must be composed of only lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), underscores (_), and periods (.). The product ID android.test is reserved, as are all product IDs that start with android.test.

Note: Be sure to plan your product ID namespace carefully. You cannot modify an item's product ID after the item is created, and you cannot reuse a product ID within an app.

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