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Changing HTML in a WebView programmatically

I'm loading an html asset page into a WebView using


which works fine, but inside the html are a number of places where I'd like to use information from the app. For instance, the HTML may contain text that reads "[Custom]". Is there a way I can replace that word with information passed from the application?

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Actually I do not understand why the file size of record.html will affect maintainence of the code. Read the html string (using Java reader class or what ever) from the html file in asset, use replaceAll function with Regex to replace all the [Custom] in the html file. How long the html is should not really affect how you maintain the code. It should rather be a performance problem, or the string is really really long that exceeds the java String limit.

some code I have used before :

InputStream is = getApplicationContext().getAssets().open("details/product_jsmodify.html");
Reader r = new InputStreamReader(is);
String details = Utils.readertoString(r);
details = details.replace("%product_name%",productName );

Utils is my class doing the conversion to string. I am not using Regex here as I am only replacing word for once. Then I load the string like Cata does. It is quite clean I suppose.

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