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R - time series, plotting crime data by Year and Number of crimes where crimes is at=10^(0:6)

I have a data frame with variables:

$ ID : int 9224101
$ IUCR : Factor w/ 360
$ Primary.Type : Factor w/ 32
$ Year : int 2013

IUCR (Illinois Uniform Crime Reporting code)

I want to plot a time series that shows all the Years on x axis and the number of crimes that happened each year on Y axis at=10^(0:6) , so the numbers wouldnt be as high.

I've tried using:

plot.ts(dd$Year, dd$ID)

enter image description here

Ive also tried

ggplot(data = dd, aes(Year, ID)) +geom_line()

Answer Source

If each observation represents one crime then you could do something like:

dd$count <- 1
dd_by_year <- dd %>% group_by(Year) %>% summarize(crime = sum(count, na.rm = T))

Then you should have crime by year that you can plot in any manner you like.

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