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Git: Copy source code to new branch without history

I have 2 branches in git repository:


I want to copy the source from one branch to another branch but I want to see in history of
branch only commits related to feature migration (from

Is it possible to copy the source without the history or is a new repository required?

In addition it can be necessary to merge from
and after some changes copy source back as new commit (and only as that commit - without history of all other commits as I said previously).

Answer Source

It looks that I have figured out how to do it. For example we have branch myown. And we need to create new one empty (without history):

git checkout --orphan common

Now we need to add files:

git add .

And commit all:

git commit -m "Initial"

You can see in log only this commit (not all made in myown branch). Now we can checkout myown branch and continue work:

git checkout myown

We can do multiple commits in own branch (similar to regular work):


git commit -m "feature1"


git commit -m "feature2"

Now we have committed both and log contains both. We need to copy that to common branch and name it "release1"

git checkout common

git merge --squash myown

git commit -m "release1"

That's all for my first part of question. Also it is easy to commit to common repository (small change/fix for example related to release1 itself). You can make regular merge to put code back to myown branch.

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