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How can I convert spaces to tabs in Vim or Linux?

I've looked over several questions on Stack Overflow for how to convert spaces to tabs without finding what I need. There seem to be more questions about how to convert tabs to spaces, but I'm trying to do the opposite.


I've tried
without luck, but I believe those are actually for going from tabs to spaces anyways.

I tried both
at the command prompt without any luck.

Here is the file in question:

How can I convert leading spaces to tabs using either
or the shell?

Answer Source

Using Vim to expand all leading spaces (wider than 'tabstop'), you were right to use retab but first ensure 'expandtab' is reset (:verbose set ts? et? is your friend). retab takes a range, so I usually specify % to mean "the whole file".

:set tabstop=2      " To match the sample file
:set noexpandtab    " Use tabs, not spaces
:%retab!            " Retabulate the whole file

Before doing anything like this (particularly with Python files!), I usually set 'list', so that I can see the whitespace and change.

I have the following mapping in my .vimrc for this:

nnoremap    <F2> :<C-U>setlocal lcs=tab:>-,trail:-,eol:$ list! list? <CR>
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