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How do I restrict my EditText input to numerical (possibly decimal and signed) input?

I have read Android: Limiting EditText to numbers and How do I show the number keyboard on an EditText in android. Unfortunately, none of them seems to fit my needs.

I want to restrict my EditText input to only numbers. However, I also want to allow signed and/or decimal input.

Here is my current code (I need to do this programmatically):

EditText edit = new EditText(this);


With this, my EditText merrily restricts all input to numerical digits. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow anything else, like the decimal point.

If I change that line to
, the EditText accepts all input (which isn't what I want...).

I've tried combining flags (in desperation to see if it would work):


That didn't work either (the EditText accepted all input as usual).

So, how do I do this?

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Try using TextView.setRawInputType() it corresponds to the android:inputType attribute.