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React JSX Question

Set active class with react-router Link that has an optional URL parameter

How can I set the active class name of a Link for a path that contains an optional parameter?

Below are some details of what I am trying to achieve:

  • A route in my application has a path that contains an optional URL parameter - eventId:

    <Route path="/sendInvite(/:eventId)" component={SendInviteContainer} />

  • In my main navigation component there is a
    that points to /sendInvite path (without the optional param):

    <Link to="/sendInvite" activeClassName="active">Send Invite</Link>

If the user accesses the path
, the Link has now an active class set, which is the correct behaviour for this case.

However, when the user accesses
, the Link in my navigation that points to /sendInvite has no active class set.

Any ideas on how to set the Link to active with the optional parameter in the address bar?


You need to put you /sendInvite(/:eventId) under /sendInvite route

It should be something like this:-

<Route path="/sendInvite" component={container} >
     <Route path="/sendInvite(/:eventId)" component={SendInviteContainer} />

This should keep you parent route active.

You can check out here, check for how users part is taken care off in router, it would solve your purpose.