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Java Question

How to pass bounded generic type parameter class as argument

how do you get class name of type parameter object?

Example: if function is

public <T extends Base> void convert(final T arg) {}
public <T> void method2(Class<T> typeParamClass) {}

How do i pass arg as
to method 2?

Error message when i try to pass arg.getClass()

Real Code Snippet

static <T> byte[] method2(T object, final Class<T> typeParameterClass) throws SerializationException {

static <T> T method3(final byte[] serializedObject, final Class<T> typeParameterClass) throws SerializationException {
return (T) serializer.deserialize(typeParameterClass, Buffers.toBuffer(serializedObject));

public static <T> T clone(final T object) {
return method3(method2(object, object.getClass()), object.getClass());

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Answer Source
public <T> void method2(Class<T> typeParamClass)

If you make the second method generic, you will be able to invoke that like

public <T extends Base> void convert(final T arg) {

There are no restrictions for T in the method2 (T extends Object), so you are free to pass any T (including T extends Base).

As Sotirios Delimanolis noted, T is really meaningless here and the method can be defined simply:

public void method2(Class<?> typeParamClass)


method2(object, object.getClass())

The main issue here is that getClass() is a virtual method, returns a runtime type of an instance. It can not guarantee to return a Class<T> from the given T, but ? extends T it can. To make it compiles, you have to change the signature to:

method2(T object, final Class<? extends T> typeParameterClass)
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