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Unyson for wordpress - add extenstion title to builder list

How can I add a custom title for each extension? For example - textarea in page builder view? For example, if i have title of extenstion

and I want to change it to
'Textarea $variable'
should get
in this extension, is it possible to do this easily?
Maybe its possible with a loop counter?

enter image description here
Here is the image - I want to make the first (orginal) example look like the second.

Here is the link to unyson plugin: http://unyson.io/

I know how to make loop but where should i do it for this extension?

Answer Source

in your shortcode config.php inside page_builder array add

   'title_template' => '{{-title}}{{ if (o.shortcode_title) { }} : <strong>{{= o.shortcode_title}}</strong>{{ } }}',

in your shortcode options.php add

        'shortcode_title' => array(
            'type' => 'text',
            'label' => __('Shortcode title', 'fw'),
            'value' => '',
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