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David Portabella David Portabella - 9 months ago 53
JSON Question

What JSON library to use in Scala?

I need to build a JSON string, something like this:

{ 'id': 1, 'name': 'John'},
{ 'id': 2, 'name': 'Dani'}

val jArray = JsArray();
jArray += (("id", "1"), ("name", "John"))
jArray += (("id", "2"), ("name", "Dani"))

I need to be able to add rows to the
, something like
jArray += ...

What is the closest library/solution to this?


Unfortunately writing a JSON library is the Scala community's version of coding a todo list app.

There are quite a variety of alternatives. I list them in no particular order, with notes:

  1. parsing.json.JSON - Warning this library is available only up to Scala version 2.9.x (removed in newer versions)
  2. spray-json - Extracted from the Spray project
  3. Jerkson ± - Warning a nice library (built on top of Java Jackson) but now abandonware. If you are going to use this, probably follow the Scalding project's example and use the fork
  4. sjson - By Debasish Ghosh
  5. lift-json - Can be used separately from the Lift project
  6. json4s § ± - An extraction from lift-json, which is attempting to create a standard JSON AST which other JSON libraries can use. Includes a Jackson-backed implementation
  7. Argonaut § - A FP-oriented JSON library for Scala, from the people behind Scalaz
  8. play-json ± - Now available standalone, see this answer for details
  9. dijon - Warning abandoned. A dynamically typed Scala JSON library
  10. sonofjson - JSON library aiming for a super-simple API
  11. Jawn - JSON library by Erik Osheim aiming for Jackson-or-faster speed
  12. Rapture JSON ± - a JSON front-end which can use 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 or Jackson as back-ends
  13. circe - fork of Argonaut built on top of cats instead of scalaz

§ = has Scalaz integration, ± = supports interop with Jackson JsonNode

In Snowplow we use json4s with the Jackson back-end; we've had good experiences with Argonaut too.