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Is there a way to drop a User Defined Table type that is already bound to a stored procedure?

I have an user defined table type (UDTT) that is already bound with a stored procedure which uses it as a input parameter. I have made a mistake in UDTT structure but I cannot alter UDTT so when I tried to delete it, SSMS complaints that its bound to store procedure so it cannot be deleted. Is there away to delete my UDTT?


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It is required on the drop, and what I normally do is set myself a template script that follows this execution:

-- Table builds or the type

if object_id(N'dbo.<tablename>') is null
begin <create table chunk> end

-- Proc Drops

-- UDTT Drops

-- UDTT Adds

-- Proc Adds

Then if you ever need to Alter a proc, you just seek it on that script and execute the script again. Since there is no saved data in a procedure, this solves type overlooks as well as recompile options needing processed. I found it to make development as well as testing much more conducive.

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