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Javascript Question

Dynamically loading JavaScript synchronously

I'm using the module pattern, one of the things I want to do is dynamically include an external JavaScript file, execute the file, and then use the functions/variables in the file in the

return { }
of my module.

I can't figure out how to do this easily. Are there any standard ways of performing a pseudo synchronous external script load?

function myModule() {
var tag = document.createElement("script");
tag.type = "text/javascript";
tag.src = "http://some/script.js";

//something should go here to ensure file is loaded before return is executed

return {
external: externalVariable

Answer Source

There is only one way to synchronously load and execute a script resource, and that is using a synchronous XHR

This is an example of how to do this

// get some kind of XMLHttpRequest
var xhrObj = createXMLHTTPObject();
// open and send a synchronous request
xhrObj.open('GET', "script.js", false);
// add the returned content to a newly created script tag
var se = document.createElement('script');
se.type = "text/javascript";
se.text = xhrObj.responseText;

But you shouldn't in general use synchronous requests as this will block everything else. But that being said, there are of course scenarios where this is appropriate.

I would probably refactor the containing function into an asynchronous pattern though using an onload handler.

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