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Is there a style checker for c++?

I have worked with java for a while now, and I found checkstyle to be very useful. I am starting to work with c++ and I was wondering if there is a style checker with similar functionality. I am mainly looking for the ability to write customized checks.

Answer Source

What about Vera++ ?

Vera++ is a programmable tool for verification, analysis and transformation of C++ source code. Vera++ is mainly an engine that parses C++ source files and presents the result of this parsing to scripts in the form of various collections - the scripts are actually performing the requested tasks.

Click here to see a more complete demo of what it can do.

crc.hpp:157: keyword 'explicit' not followed by a single space
crc.hpp:588: closing curly bracket not in the same line or column
dynamic_property_map.hpp:82: keyword 'if' not followed by a single space
functional.hpp:106: line is longer than 100 characters
multi_index_container.hpp:472: comma should be followed by whitespace
version.hpp:37: too many consecutive empty lines
weak_ptr.hpp:108: keyword 'catch' not followed by a single space
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