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Template Specialization of class method. "Function template already defined"

I've seen lots of SO questions about specialization in the context of methods, but not functions belonging to classes. I'm having a hard time translating the knowledge passed on from those questions to my problem here.

I'm mucking around with a class I created in the past to learn and I would like to have a specialization for arithmetic types.

template <typename T>
class Vector3
T x;
T y;
T z;

operator std::string() const;

This is the specialization I am trying to do:

template<typename T = std::enable_if<std::is_arithmetic<T>::value, T>::type>
inline Vector3<T>::operator std::string() const {

std::stringstream ss;
ss << "NOT NUMBER {" << x << ", " << y << ", " << z << "}";

return ss.str();

template<typename T = std::enable_if<!std::is_arithmetic<T>::value, T>::type>
inline Vector3<T>::operator std::string() const {

std::stringstream ss;
ss << "NUMBER {" << x << ", " << y << ", " << z << "}";

return ss.str();

However when I try to compile, I get

error C2995: 'Vector3::operator std::string(void) const': function
template has already been defined

When I google this, it is usually cases where people have defined their class/method in the CPP file as well as the header file. As I only do this in the header file, I can only assume the enable_if is not correct. When I look at other examples, they just do specialization on , , but I'd like to use the is_arithmitic way.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance

Answer Source

The default here:

template<typename T = XXX>
inline Vector3<T>::operator std::string() const { ... }

doesn't matter at all, there's no deduction going on at this point, and T is already defined. It's legal, but it's just noise.

Now, you can't partially specialize a member function in a class template either, but we can dispatch on traits:

template <class T>
class Vector3 {
    // ...
    operator std::string() const {
        return as_string(std::is_arithmetic<T>{});

    std::string as_string(std::true_type ) {
        // implementation for arithmetic types

    std::string as_string(std::false_type ) {
        // implementation for non-arithmetic types
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