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MySQL Question

How to check the existence of two columns' data in two different tables ? MySQL

I have two different tables in two different databases ..

what I want to do is to check if the data of two columns exist in the other table .. if it does exist count it and at the final I want the number of records that have matching in the other table.

example :


column_1 value = "dog"

column_2 value = "apple"


column_1 value = "dog"

column_2 value = "orange"

so here the first column values exist in both table but the second column is different so I don't want to count it .. I want to count where both values exist in the same record .

ps: Both column_1 and column_2 aren't primary key

is there a solution for it using MySQL ? because I used java to solve this but take a long time for 5 million records .

Answer Source

Do an INNER JOIN on both tables:

FROM table_1 t1
INNER JOIN table_2 t2
    ON t1.column_1 = t2.column_1
    AND t1.column_2 = t2.column_2
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