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Java Question

Java DateFormat.SHORT with full year

Is there any way to make

format a date with a full year (eg. 12/12/2010), when using
as the pattern? I have to format dates in both en_US and da_DK.

I know I could use
, but the date have to be formatted using only numbers and separators, and
for en_US produces something like 'Dec 12, 2010'.

Answer Source

If both formats are the same, then simply use:

DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy");

If they differ:

private static Map<Locale, String> formats = new HashMap<Locale, String>();

static {
    formats.put(new Locale("en_US"), "dd/MM/yyyy");
    formats.put(new Locale("da_DK"), "dd.MM.yyyy");

And then instead of using DateFormat.getDateInstance(..) use

new SimpleDateFormat(formats.get(locale)).format(..);
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