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Assigning CSS style to variable in JavaScript

I am writing a simple JavaScript function that takes a td (table cell) and either gives it a red border style or turns this off. The code is:

function doStuff(theCell)
var highlight = "2px solid rgb(255, 0, 0)";

This works fine. However to try to make the code cleaner I tried to replace the css border style by a variable (declared just below the first one):

var borderStyle = theCell.style.border;

This works OK when I use it in the equality comparison, but not when I put it in the style assignation in the ‘else’ clause.

I must be trying to do something very foolish. Could anyone explain.

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Javascript does not create reference to the object if you write code such as var borderStyle = theCell.style.border;. Here a copy of only the value of border is assigned to borderStyle. The object which is theCell remained unharmed at its place. No reference is created to it.