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How can I renew Kerberos Ticket in Windows?

In Linux I can run

kinit -R
to refresh Kerberos Ticket. How can I refresh Kerberos Ticket in Windows using command line? I tried to find by Google but found nothing that can help me.

Answer Source

If you are talking about the Windows Kerberos implementation, there is no need to. Regardless you have a valid ticket, expired or no one. As soon as you log into Windows, LSA will retain your principal and password in memory and regain a fresh ticket as soon as it is necessary.

To verify that, download the Microsoft Resource Kit, you have kerbtray.exe and klist.exe. Purge the cache, check with kerbtray, access a Kerberos-protected resource and Windows will automatically issue an AS-REQ along with a TGS-REQ.

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