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Javascript Question

Get the minimum value of an object in d3.min

How can I get the maximum value for the key "sample"?

I can use

to get the maximum of an array like
. For my more complex example, I can use an accessor function to get the values out of
. What does this accessor function look like?

var myData = [
type: "a",
sample: 28,
population: 32
type: "b",
sample: 24,
population: 19
type: "c",
sample: 19,
population: 23
type: "d",
sample: 29,
population: 26

Answer Source

The accessor function will be evaluated for each each array element, with the element being passed as the first argument. With that in mind, you can do the following:

d3.max(myData, function(d) {
  return d.sample;
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