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Ruby - Error accessing instance variables

I'm learning Ruby, and I'm having a problem while making a program.

I have a class "LineAnalyzer" that has 4 parameters (2 provided and 2 calculated). Both calculated params are: @high_wf_count (integer) and @high_wf_words (array).
Then, I have this one:

class Solution < LineAnalyzer
attr_reader :analyzers,

def initialize
@analyzers = []

def analyze_file
File.foreach('test.txt') do |line|
@analyzers <<,@analyzers.length+1)

def calculate_line_with_highest_frequency
@highest_count_words_across_lines = []
@highest_count_across_lines = @analyzers.max_by do
|a| a.instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_count)
end .instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_count)

@highest_count_words_across_lines << @analyzers.each do
|a| a.instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_count) == @highest_count_across_lines
end .instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_words)

The problem is that I cannot append the array
in the way I've done (it returns
). But, I've previously taken the integer
in the same way perfectly.

Can anyone tell me where's the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

It seems that your problem is in this bit of code:

@highest_count_words_across_lines << @analyzers.each do
    |a| a.instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_count) == @highest_count_across_lines
end .instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_words)

Preferably formatted as:

@highest_count_words_across_lines << @analyzers.each do |analyzer|
  analyzer.instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_count) == @highest_count_across_lines

The problem here is that you are calling .instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_words) on the result of the :each method.

A few lines above, you are doing something similar, where you call .instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_count) on the result of the :max_by method, and it is working.

The difference between :max_by and :each is that :max_by returns a single analyzer, whereas :each returns the array of @analyzers over which it is iterating.

When you call :instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_words) on that array, it's returning nil because an array will not have an instance variable named :@highest_wf_words

That is where your problem exists.


It is generally not good practice to ever use :instance_variable_get. I would recommend adding to your analyzer class attr_reader :highest_wf_words, :highest_wf_count

Then, instead of calling analyzer.instance_variable_get(:@highest_wf_words), you can just call analyzer.highest_wf_words

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