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Development AppEngine Datastore, multiple rows with the same key

There are multiple rows in my development AppEngine Datastore admin interface with the same key: agpiYW5rLXJlY29uchULEghPbml4TWFpbBiAgICAgIDiCAw. The rows are on Page 2 and Page 3. I used CTRL-F to find them. How is this possible?


Key WriteOps ID/Name date from
agpiYW5rLXJlY29uchULEghPbml4TWFpbBiAgICAgIDICAw 16 4820258976169984 Wed Oct 23 22:00:54 EDT 2013 [email protected]
agpiYW5rLXJlY29uchULEghPbml4TWFpbBiAgICAgIDiCAw 16 4934608185458688 Thu Oct 24 14:42:16 EDT 2013 [email protected]

I use the key to load and query for items, and if that is not really the key then I have a lot of work to do.


SDK v1.8.5

Answer Source

This are base64 encoded keys and the two that you list are not the same - difference is in the capital I and lower-case i (fourth char from the end). Ctrl-f search in browsers does case-insensitive search, so this two showed as the same.

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