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Enable phone call functionality on change event (jQuery)

I'm trying to enable the phone call functionality on change event (HTML

tag) so as to reference the appropriate

I run a test on Android (both version 2.2 and 4.0), using the default browser: I did not get the desired effect.

Below is my code:


<select class="call-us-options">
<option value="">Select a branch:</option>
<option value="branch-a">Branch A</option>
<option value="branch-b">Branch B</option>
<option value="branch-c">Branch C</option>
<a class="phone branch-a" href="tel:(22) 2222-222" title="Branch A">Branch A</a>
<a class="phone branch-b" href="tel:(33) 3333-3333" title="Branch B">Branch B</a>
<a class="phone branch-c" href="tel:(44) 4444-4444" title="Branch C">Branch C</a>


$('.call-us-options').on('change', function() {
if($(this).val()) {

Here's JSFiddle:

Is there any effective way to achieve that?

Answer Source

Did you try window.location = "tel:(44) 4444-4444" (whatever the number is in the anchor corresponding to the selectIndex) with the onChange event for <select>?


click() will only trigger javascript event handlers and will not actually go to that URL. Im not sure if this would work but can you try window.location once.

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