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Testing controller's redirect in RSpec

I have a rspec test testing a controller action.

class SalesController < ApplicationController
def create
# This redirect sends the user to SalesController#go_to_home
redirect_to '/go_to_home'

def go_to_home
redirect_to '/'

My controller test looks like

RSpec.describe SalesController, type: :controller do
include PathsHelper

describe 'POST create' do
post :create

expect(response).to redirect_to '/'

However, when I run the test it tells me that:

Expected response to be a redirect to <http://test.host/> but was a redirect to <http://test.host/go_to_home>.
Expected "http://test.host/" to be === "http://test.host/go_to_home".

will send the user to SalesController#go_to_home. How can I test that the response will eventually lead to the home page with the url

Answer Source

Controller tests are effectively unit tests - you are testing the effect of calling a single action and what the expected behaviour of that action is.

The create action does return a response back with a status code of 302 and includes in the header a Location indicating the new URI, which in the case of calling create would be Location: http://localhost/go_to_home

This is as far as the controller test goes. It has emulated a call made from a browser to the create action and received the initial redirection.

In the real world of course the browser would then navigate to the given location and would then hit the go_to_home action but this is beyond the scope of controller tests ... this is in the domain of integration testing.

So, either,

  1. Create an integration test to initially call the create action, follow the redirection and test that you end up at '/'.
  2. Change the controller test to expect(response).to redirect_to '/go_to_home'
  3. Change the create action to redirect directly to '/'
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