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Cocoapods : Library Not found

I am trying to run a Cocoapods project and getting the following error

Library Not Found for -lAttributedMarkdown

I tried to

pod deintegrate
and then
pod install
but it's still there.
I also tried removing the
file from
and then
pod install
but nothing.

generated by
pod install
contain path like

Here is the xcconfig file

but I can't find
in Project Navigator

Answer Source

First line of defense: (Quit Xcode first, which is part of the strategy) :

rm -rf Pods/ Podfile.lock ; pod install

Defensive approach: verify your Podfile. Is it coherent? How about your tools versions? What happens if you create a new Podfile with pod init? Do you have all targets as expected?

Drastic measure: Rebuild xcworkspace entirely:

  1. quit Xcode
  2. mv project.xcworkspace to a backup location
  3. sudo gem install cocoapods (get latest)
  4. rm -rf Pods/ Podfile.lock ; pod install


Notice the use of rm -rf Pods/ Podfile.lock ; pod install instead of pod update.

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