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How to Continuously Deploy:'s tfs Git -> Heroku

I've got private code in a's tfs Git repository.

I'd like to continuously deploy it to Heroku, as code is returned.

What is the simplest/easiest way to do this?

e.g. Does support pushing to the Heroku git repository?

Does Heroku support monitoring of any other git repo besides GitHub?

Any other creative solutions? I've got multiple people pushing to the VisualStudio repo, so I'd like to avoid everyone having to configure two push points... if that is possible.

Answer Source

There is Heroky Release Tools Extension in Visual Studio Team Services Marketplace that you could use to deploy to Heroku app. (install it into your VSTS)

  1. Create an Heroku App or use an existent one;
  2. Retrieve the API Key from an valid App Contributor User;
  3. Configure a build definition that generates the final files that should be pushed to Heroku (we recommend you to put all your file structure under a "drop" named folder;
  4. Configure a release definition with the Push to Heroku task in it.


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