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Unable to find MongoDB


I have been given a project that other people were on previously. I'm still trying to put pieces together as there was no documentation on anything. Basically I am unable to find the MongoDB.

This is a NodeJS/MeteorJS web application that has a Digital Ocean droplet and an AWS S3 (for profile pictures).

I was assumming the MongoDb would be where the app is hosted (on the droplet) but this has not been the case.

What I have Tried:

I tried logging into the Digital Ocean console and running

but it seems that mongo isn't even installed. That seems to me that the database isn't there.

I looked around a bit on the server and found a
file in
. All that is inside is the default it seems:

I have also tried looking through the code to maybe find some clues or something but have had no luck.


How can I find where this database is? Is it possible without having to contact the people who were on the project before me?


Answer Source

This application utilizes mupx and not mup.

To access the database, login into the server and run:

docker exec -it mongodb mongo <appName>

The above command will put you into the mongoDB shell.

You can then use show dbs, use dbName and show collections to see the data in the database.



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