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Implement expand and collapse notification android

I need to implement expand and collapse notification in status bar for android 4.0 and above version. I have search on google for this but didn't getting any code solution for implementation does anybody have I idea how to implement this

Thank You in advance

Answer Source

An expandable Notification is a special case of a Notification Big View. If the Big View is not at the top of the notification drawer, it it shown 'closed' and is expandable by swipe. Quote from Android Developers:

A notification's big view appears only when the notification is expanded, which happens when the notification is at the top of the notification drawer, or when the user expands the notification with a gesture. Expanded notifications are available starting with Android 4.1.

The Big View Notification can be created as follows:

Notification notification = new Notification.BigTextStyle(builder)


Notification notification = new Notification.BigPictureStyle(builder)

Here is a tutorial.

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