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CSS Question

jquery load/unload content

I'm doing my first project with jquery:

My site will have some tabs:
1. I've got a list which will be the tabbar.
2. I've got a lot of content-container-divs which I hide() / show() depending on which tab I clicked.

My question/s:
Should I load() unload these divs, even if they are in the same html ?
(on jquery-docs they load from external html-files)
Could I / should I combine my existing method(hiding and showing the divs) with loading/unloading them?
-> something like unloading all the tabs which are not visible...
What would be a good approach, If I know there will be quite a lot of content ?
How could a minimal example look like ?

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

You could use jQuery UI, why should you code something that has already been coded?

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