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jQuery Question

Hiding a single div section of a website with no selector

I am trying to hide a single snippet of code on my website as I upgraded to beta software and can't revert back without playing with my database.

I have attempted to use JQuery which I have achieved before though this div has no selector.

I am a graphic designer though have a small knowledge of code.

I also don't know how to find where the snippet has been input either nor can I just change the CSS. You can see it as the beta license warning in the yellow box.

Any help will be appreciated, the website is HERE

Answer Source

Assuming this use case is actually legitimate and you have a valid license, you could just select child elements, for example to remove the beta warning:

$('#main-body div div div:first-child').css('display', 'none')

This selects the first child within several nested div elements, and hides it using the style display:none;

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