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MySQL Question

How to loop parse pattern from MySql table using python

I'm trying to parse scrapy result with regex, the thing is my regex patterns located in MySQL table.. i have trouble to loop the pattern in sequence in order to return clean content without any html tags..
simply say html result scrapy -> parse with pattern in row1 (ex: clean html above content), parse with pattern in row2 (clean html below content) , ..... -> clean


<some tags>
<footer tags>
<another tags>

i'm trying to clean that html, with this table, field name (pattern , sequence, replacer), values:

row1 <body.*?some tags> 1 None
row2 <footer.*?/body> 2 None
row3 <br> 3 Enter
row4 #&quot 4 ""

so i have a clean content in return, i'm using regex replace pattern, not xpath match, because i'm expecting to scrap a lot of web with their own html tags variation

here's my code , it didn't raise an error but the result is repeated.. it supposed to be 1 clean result from 1 scrapy result. i think i did something wrong, but can't figure it out since i'm new in python and scrapy

def parse(self, response):
for mbuh in response.xpath('//body'):
Item = ParsingerbotItem()
Item['ling'] = str(response.url)
ngaliase = re.findall("\", str(response.url))[0]
mmhtml = mbuh.xpath('//body').extract()
cur.execute("select aliase, pattern, seq, opsi, replacer from tb_bersihin where aliase='"+ngaliase+"\' order by seq asc")
for filde in cur.fetchall():
faliase = filde[0]
fpattern = filde[1]
fseq = filde[2]
fopsi = filde[3]
freplacer = filde[4]
print "faliase=%s,fpattern=%s,furutan=%d,fopsi=%s,freplacer=%s" % \
(faliase, fpattern, fseq, fopsi, freplacer )
if ( freplacer == "NO" ) : freplacer=""
if ( fopsi == "NL" ) : fopsi="re.DOTALL"
k1 = re.sub(fpattern , freplacer, str(mmhtml), re.DOTALL)
print k1

thank you in advance

Answer Source

I think i solved my own question, maybe i'm not good at describing my question above but all i want is make the result from first pattern to be the subject for the second pattern, and then continue to the next pattern from mysql table..

all i did was just changed

k1 = re.sub(fpattern , freplacer, str(mmhtml), re.DOTALL) 


k1 = re.sub(fpattern , freplacer, k1)

and declare k1 = str(mmhtml) before loop cur.fetchall()

thank you

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