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How to pass the value from a dynamically created table into a new database query using JQuery?

So far I've created a table from a database query using the input from a dropdown menu. Now I want the user to be able to click on a cell in that table and using the the value of that cell query the database again for further information. Here's what I have:

echo "
<td><a href='#'><div value=".$value['First_Name'].">".$value['First_Name']."</div></a></td>

This continues on for the rest of the information but thats the code for my initial table. The user should then click on First_Name for further information provided by an AJAX request. My jQuery so far looks like this...I haven't even been able to start the AJAX as I can't pass in the value of the table cell.

$('#tables').on('click','td', function(){
var module= $(this).val();

Once I figure out how to pass this value then I can move ahead with the database query but this is holding me back. Do I even need to do this if Im using JQuery AJAX? Any help is appreciated.

Answer Source

if you want get the text inside the element tag. Please use .text() not .val() example:

var module= $(this).text();

I hope this usefull :)

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