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how to generate apk file using a command line?

please tell me how to build apk files of a project without the use of ECLIPSE ide. i found some infos about using a batch file but i don't know how to remake it.

echo on

cd /d %0\..

REM Clear bin folder
rmdir "bin" /S /Q
rmdir "gen" /S /Q
mkdir "bin" || goto EXIT
mkdir "gen" || goto EXIT

REM Set your application name

REM Define minimal Android revision

REM Define aapt add command
SET ANDROID_AAPT_ADD="%ANDROID-SDK%\platforms\%ANDROID_REV%\tools\aapt.exe" add

REM Define aapt pack and generate resources command
SET ANDROID_AAPT_PACK="%ANDROID-SDK%\platforms\%ANDROID_REV%\tools\aapt.exe" package -v -f -I "%ANDROID-SDK%\platforms\%ANDROID_REV%\android.jar"

REM Define class file generator command
SET ANDROID_DX="%ANDROID-SDK%\platform-tools\dx.bat" --dex

REM Define Java compiler command
SET JAVAC="%JAVABIN%\javac.exe" -classpath "%ANDROID-SDK%\platforms\%ANDROID_REV%\android.jar"
SET JAVAC_BUILD=%JAVAC% -sourcepath "src;gen" -d "bin"

REM Generate R class and pack resources and assets into resources.ap_ file
call %ANDROID_AAPT_PACK% -M "AndroidManifest.xml" -A "assets" -S "res" -m -J "gen" -F "bin\resources.ap_" || goto EXIT

REM Compile sources. All *.class files will be put into the bin folder
call %JAVAC_BUILD% src\org\secure\sms\*.java || goto EXIT

REM Generate dex files with compiled Java classes
call %ANDROID_DX% --output="%CD%\bin\classes.dex" %CD%\bin || goto EXIT

REM Recources file need to be copied. This is needed for signing.
copy "%CD%\bin\resources.ap_" "%CD%\bin\%APP_NAME%.ap_" || goto EXIT

REM Add generated classes.dex file into application package
call %ANDROID_AAPT_ADD% "%CD%\bin\%APP_NAME%.ap_" "%CD%\bin\classes.dex" || goto EXIT

REM Create signed Android application from *.ap_ file. Output and Input files must be different.
call "%JAVABIN%\jarsigner" -keystore "%CD%\keystore\my-release-key.keystore" -storepass "password" -keypass "password" -signedjar "%CD%\bin\%APP_NAME%.apk" "%CD%\bin\%APP_NAME%.ap_" "alias_name" || goto EXIT

REM Delete temp file
del "bin\%APP_NAME%.ap_"

cd "%PREV_PATH%"
exit /b %ERRORLEVEL%

i got this codes from a site. (

i downloaded the source code sample and opened the batch file in there but it didn't generate it's apk file. usually the apk file is located at its bin\ right? but when i opened the folder, the file is not in there. please help me how to use this one. i'd appreciate you help.

Answer Source

The apk by default is located under bin and this is correct, but when you distribute source code it's better to not add any apk because a "fresh" compiled apk is always a better solution.

if you have a file called build.xml in the root of your project just do

ant debug

otherwise you need to update your project with the minimum informations required for the building phase with

android update project -t android-10 -p .

in this case android-10 is a target for your apk/app/api and you can customize this option for your targeted device.

After this you get your build.xml and everything is in place for generating an apk.

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