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How can I override the Origin header in Chrome when connecting to a WebSocket?

I am trying to connect to an external web socket server, which is not run by myself. I would like to connect to it from a localhost javascript file, therefore the origin header has null value.

I understand that this is a measure against cross-site forgery. However, since I am on localhost, I should be able to fake this, by getting Chrome to send a custom Origin header.

Is it possible? (if I need an extension, that is fine)

If not, what is my best option to achieve the above? Thank you.

Answer Source

Web pages cannot change the Origin header, but extensions can modify the request headers via the chrome.webRequest API. But ws:// and wss:// are not supported by this API, so this doesn't help unless the server also supports other means of communication via http(s) (e.g. long-polling).

There is still a solution though: Simply load a (known) web page at the desired origin in an iframe (e.g. https://example.com/favicon.ico or https://example.com/robots.txt) and use a content script to open the WebSocket from there.

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