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Is possible to communicate via Bluetooth PAN in iOS with tethered devices

I have a device with which I share my connection from iOS device though Bluetooth (Bluetooth PAN).

I wonder is it possible to access to create a server on iPhone in PAN network and access it from device or create a server on device and access it from iPhone.

Does anyone have this kind of experience? I know it definitely could be done with Android devices.

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Yes it is possible. For example, see this question about setting up such a server on an iOS device.

You can do a very quick test by installing a network diagnostics app - e.g. I found one called Console Server by SikYi Chan on the App Store.

In this app, I added a "server connection" on port 12345 and started the server. Tethering from my Mac, in System Preferences -> Network I found that my tethered IP address was I guessed the iPhone was therefore on, and did this:

% telnet 12345        
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

And in Server Console in the iOS app I got:

enter image description here

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