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Google maps API V3 - multiple markers on exact same spot

Bit stuck on this one. I am retrieving a list of geo coords via JSON and popping them onto a google map. All is working well except in the instance when I have two or more markers on the exact same spot. The API only displays 1 marker - the top one. This is fair enough I suppose but would like to find a way to display them all somehow.

I've searched google and found a few solutions but they mostly seem to be for V2 of the API or just not that great. Ideally I'd like a solution where you click some sort of group marker and that then shows the markers clustered around the spot they are all in.

Anybody had this problem or similar and would care to share a solution?

Tad Tad
Answer Source

Take a look at OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier.
There's a demo page, but they don't show markers which are exactly on the same spot, only some which are very close together.

But a real life example with markers on the exact same spot can be seen on http://www.ejw.de/ejw-vor-ort/ (scroll down for the map and click on a few markers to see the spider-effect).

That seems to be the perfect solution for your problem.

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