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Bitbucket: Update a fork to merge changes of master repo?

I am working with a bitbucket git repo I have read-only access to, so I created a fork to work on my features.

Question: How do I update my fork to include changes made to the original repo made by the owner?

On github, it seems one has to do the following, so I suspect it's a similar to this:

$ git remote add upstream git://
$ git fetch upstream
$ git merge upstream/master

I couldn't find any information on this in the Bitbucket Documentation for forking

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Just like GitHub, you have to pull the commits down to your own machine, merge, and then push them back to your fork on Bitbucket.

If you go to your fork on Bitbucket you can click "compare fork" got get to a page where you see incoming and outgoing changesets. If you go to the "incoming" tab, you will see instructions like

$ git remote add <remote_name><upstream>/<repo>.git
$ git fetch <remote_name>
$ git checkout master
$ git merge <remote_name>/master

which correspond closely to the GitHub instructions.