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"tns run ios --emulator" is throwing error "Command failed: /bin/sh -c ruby -e "require 'xcodeproj';"

This is in Mac and I am an absolute newbie.I am following Nativescript course in Pluralsight to get upto speed with App Development. I have installed all the pre-requisites (Xcode, nativescript, typescript etc.) as prescribed in the course.

I have created a very simple nativescript project with a button in the xml page. However when i run the command "tns run ios --emulator" in the terminal, I get the error

Command failed: /bin/sh -c ruby -e "require 'xcodeproj';'/Users/username/rps-conf/platforms/ios/plugins-debug.xcconfig').merge('/Users/username/rps-conf/app/App_Resources/iOS/build.xcconfig')).save_as('/Users/username/rps-conf/platforms/ios/plugins-debug.xcconfig'))"
Ignoring executable-hooks-1.3.2 because its extensions are not built. Try: gem pristine executable-hooks --version 1.3.2
Ignoring gem-wrappers-1.2.7 because its extensions are not built. Try: gem pristine gem-wrappers --version 1.2.7

require': cannot load such file -- xcodeproj (LoadError)
from /Users/username/.rbenv/versions/2.3.1/lib/ruby/2.3.0/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:55:in
from -e:1:in `'

I have a programming background (.Net) so I would like to understand what exactly is the problem rather than blindly trying out the automated instructions given in the terminal('try gem pristine etc.')

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Check NativeScript installition is it correct... try tns doctor if its ok

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