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In Rails, onbeforeunload not working consistently for Chrome browser

I'm trying to get

to work consistently on my page that has a form users are filling out. I'm expecting the following:

  • When I click a link to another page, it would prompt the user

  • When I refresh the page, it would prompt the user

I'm currently testing under Google Chrome, and I'm using the following now - though I've tried some variations.


$(document).on('ready page:load', function () {
$(window).on('beforeunload', function() {
return "You should keep this page open.";


I've been able to get the prompt to show up at times but not consistently. I've thought this might point to a conflict with the code above and
. But haven't been able to find out a fix to get the expected results mentioned above.

--- Update:

Here's the code I eventually used.

<script data-turbolinks-eval="false">

$(document).ready(function() {

$('#report-form *').change(function(){

$("#report-form input[name='commit']").click(function() {
form_modified = 0;

$(document).on('page:before-change', function() {

if ($("#report-form").length > 0) {
if (form_modified==1) {
if (confirm("There are unsaved changes, click \"Cancel\" to remain on the page.")) {
// clicks "OK", nothing here means
} else {
// clicks "Cancel"


This method doesn't work for page refresh or exiting out by the window "X" however...

Ven Ven
Answer Source

Turbolinks offers the page:before-change event for this kind of scenario.

I'm however not sure why you bind your 2nd handler in your first handler. The window object doesn't change when you click on a Turbolinks link.

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