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Visual Studio 2015 does not install Android SDK for Xamarin

I am moving towards Xamarin for cross-platform application development. I already had VS2015 installed, I downloaded Xamarin tools(vstoolsforxamarin.exe) from their website and when I install them after a long wait VS says "setup completed with errors"and it does not download and install Android SDK for API 19,20,23, It always say:"Please check your internet connection and try again" and i am sure that my internet connection doesn't get disturbed during all this process. I have tried this 3 times now, tried by uninstalling VS2015, installing it again but got the same error. What is the problem that is causing this? I already have Android Studio installed, with its SDK manager. Any help would be appreciated, that to get Xamarin running in VS2015.


I already had Android Studio and its SDK on my system, going to Tools>Options>Xamarin and giving path of the Android SDK solved my problem.

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Visual Studio installs the SDK @ C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk Either go to that folder and open SDK Manager in administrator mode and install if any new updates are required. And in case Visual Studio did not manage to install the SDK, do it manually and change the path for SDK via Tools>Options>Xamarin to the location of SDK.

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