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Unity3d - Online multiplayer Turn

Sorry for my English grammar :( (I try learn it)

I want to try write online turn based game with Unity3d.
I want that people will have login with their username and password and will can play from different device like :
1 player from android/iphone and second from facebook
or 1 from web - second from tablet
Right now I think to create game 1 vs 1 (for 2 players) - but maybe in the feature I will open a new mode for multiplayer

it's simple to card game.

I'm c# developer so I will write code with c#.

My question is:

1) What I have to use for TURN BASED game (if you can give me link)
I think about WCF or WebAPI - for cross-platform
So what is best practice???

2) I want integrate a premium feature in the game - what you can suggest about billing system inside the game? With which company work is better?

3) I also can write code on JavaScript - if is give me plus in performance??

4) Authorization in the game:
What is best practice today?
User have create account in my system or better to give to user login with his facebook account??

5) How I can sync. between mobile device and facebook game? if is possible?
Where I can save his credentials? If in mobile/tablet I can save in local database, in web - in cookie? where in facebook??

6) server - where the best place to publish the server side ? Amazon cloud? or not??

Answer Source
  1. Unity itself supports networking. But there are other plugins like Photon Unity Networking which are enhanced version of unity networking. It also supports Turn based game plus it is a cross platform will support iOS, android and web. Photon Engine for Unity Networking

  2. I assume by Billing System you mean In apps in the app. I have used UniBill its works fine with iOS,GPlay,Amazon etc stores. With so much less effort you can integrate the plugin. Unibill by Outline Games

  3. C# is enough i think.

  4. You can use facebook it good enough. You can also add simple guest login for authorization. Guest will be registered on the basis of Unique User ID which is provided by unity.

  5. For storing data, you can use Parse Third party plugin. I have tried it and it works great. If you are going to web app as well then try using their Rest API. It will work will all their supported platforms.

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