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Intervention Image Laravel 5.1

I tried to resize img, I do this step:
update composer:

"intervention/image": "dev-master",

next add lines in app/config

'Image' => Intervention\Image\Facades\Image::class

In my controller:

use Intervention\Image\Image as Img;
Img::make($destination_path . $filename)->resize(200, 200)->save($destination_path . $filename);

and this is error:

Call to undefined method Intervention\Image\Image::make()

All In laravel 5.1

Answer Source


1) check if you have model in your App (by default) folder named as Image


a) put use Image; to the top of your controller

b) throw this away: use Intervention\Image\Image as Img;

c) just use this: Image::make( not Img:make(

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