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C# DESede Symmetric ECB Encryption (I am so close - slightly differing characters)!

My output that I have to match is from Java DESede using a BouncyCastle Jar from 2005 ... I am very close...

Here is my output in Java (which is correct) followed by my output in C# ... if you view in an editor, you will see they ALMOST match, except in C# where it has a forward slash "/" in Java it has "%2F", "%2D" and at the end where C# has is an "=" , Java has "%3D". Any ideas? (I added spaces to show they match up - but you will only see them in an editor.)

F3e8sdZ%2F951IRiguIAVqfDLyWptqlbWik5tvFzItcxJCEmupzD9wXp%2BDzIbrf2J2dPpXyEXL2QU%3D (Java - Correct)

F3e8sdZ/ 951IRiguIAVqfDLyWptqlbWik5tvFzItcxJCEmupzD9wXp+ DzIbrf2J2dPpXyEXL2QU= (C# - Close?)

Here is my C# Code:

public static string DoubleTrippleDESede(string strToEncode, ref string symKey, ref ICryptoTransform cipher)
//byte[] input = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("DESede (3DES) Encryption in RAILO CFML");
byte[] input = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(strToEncode);
//byte[] key = Convert.FromBase64String("ru8femXhTm9jwdGdhb/4Sw==");
byte[] key = Convert.FromBase64String(symKey);
TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider algorithm = new TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider();
algorithm.Mode = CipherMode.ECB;
algorithm.BlockSize = 64;
algorithm.KeySize = 192; // 24 byte key
algorithm.Key = key; //Original
//algorithm.Key = key.CopyTo(algorithm.Key,)
cipher = algorithm.CreateEncryptor();
byte[] encrypted = cipher.TransformFinalBlock(input, 0, input.Length);
Debug.WriteLine("encrypted (.NET): {0}", Convert.ToBase64String(encrypted));
return Convert.ToBase64String(encrypted);
catch (Exception ex)
return ex.Message;

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!! I've been at this for 2 weeks and finally can taste victory (I think!?)

Answer Source

Your Java output appears to have additionally been urlencoded. You should be able to call System.Uri.EscapeDataString() to match your present output.

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