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Groovy Question

Groovy - Reading files from tomcat server

I'm not able to retrieve file contents using Groovy.

Below is the code, error in Soapui

portnumber = ":8080"
extractedValues = new File("//hostname"+"${portnumber}"+"/share/test/working/test.csv").getText('UTF-8')

Error: \\hostname:8080\share\test\working\test.csv (The network path was not found) error at line: 54

I feel like the issue is with the port number, thus why I'm passing it in a variable.

The link itself works when logged on the server and trying it from file explorer.

Rao Rao
Answer Source

Looks like you are reading a file hosted in a tomcat i.e., an URL.

Here is how you would get the contents of it:

def host = 'localhost'
def port = '8080'
def extractedValues = new URL("http://${host}:${port}/share/test/working/test.csv").getText('UTF-8') extractedValues
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