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How can I create a Control Chart (Shewhart chart) with stages in R?

I am putting together a document for using R to conduct a Six Sigma project. This text is part personal notes as I learn the software and is intended as an introduction to the software to others.

I'm using the

, and
packages, and I can create a new Control/Shewhart Charts with many of the packages. Due to work constraints, I am not allowed to add additional packages on my own to play with; I can submit a request for later inclusion if there is a package which meets my requirements. The packages I have been using have varying functionality (for example, qcc allows me to create a chart with control limits defined by one portion of a data frame and applied to the remainder of the data frame).

However, I need to be able to create a Control/Shewhart Chart with stages in R. I am familiar with this process in Minitab, and I have constructed similar chart in excel, but the packages I am currently using—to my knowledge—do not support this.

How could I support this functionality in R?

Answer Source

If you're looking for whether or not a package exists, searching crantastic is a good place to start, as well as the cursory google search.

There are five packages found on CRAN by searching for "Shewhart":

  • qcc
  • qicharts
  • CMPControl
  • processcontrol
  • qcr
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