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Ajax Question

Upload image with phonegap using ajax

I'm developing an application using phonegap,
my app, capture an image from camera or gallery, i move to a specific folder and after that i want to upload it to a server. I upload some data too from a form.
My problem is that everything works if i use an image from the gallery but it doesn't work if i capture it from camera. Here is my code js.

var pictureSource; // picture source
var destinationType; // sets the format of returned value

function onDeviceReady() {;;

function onPhotoDataSuccess(imageURI) {

var Image = document.getElementById('Image');
var form = document.getElementById('up');
var b1 = document.getElementById('b1');
var b2 = document.getElementById('b2'); = 'block'; = 'block'; = 'none'; = 'none';
Image.src = imageURI;

function capturePhoto() {
// Take picture using device camera and retrieve image, onFail, { quality: 50,
destinationType: destinationType.FILE_URI,

function getPhoto(source) {, onFail, { quality: 50,
destinationType: destinationType.FILE_URI,
sourceType: source });

function onFail(message) {
alert('Failed because: ' + message);


function movePic(file){
window.resolveLocalFileSystemURI(file, resolveOnSuccess, resOnError);
//Callback function when the file system uri has been resolved
function resolveOnSuccess(entry){
var d = new Date();
var n = d.getTime();
var newFileName = n + ".jpg";
var myFolderApp = "folder";
window.requestFileSystem(LocalFileSystem.PERSISTENT, 0, function(fileSys) {
//creo la cartella geofolder e salvo le foto scattate
{create:true, exclusive: false},
function(myFolderApp) {
entry.moveTo(myFolderApp, newFileName, successMove, resOnError);
document.forms['up'].foto.value = newFileName;

return newFileName;

//Callback function when the file has been moved successfully
function successMove(entry) {
//Store imagepath in session for future use
// like to store it in database
sessionStorage.setItem('imagepath', entry.fullPath);

function resOnError() {


//some variable

type: "POST",
url: "",
data: {//some data from the form},
success: function(responce){

return false;});

function uploadimage(foto) {

var Image = document.getElementById('Image').getAttribute("src");

var options = new FileUploadOptions();

var params = new Object();
params.nome = "test";

options.params = params;
options.chunkedMode = false;

var ft = new FileTransfer();
ft.upload(Image, "", win, fail, options);

function win() {
alert("ok bro");
function fail() {
alert("not bro");


Answer Source

the problem is in movePic() function:

you are trying to upload an uri that no longer exists because you move it!

try entry.copyTo() instead of

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